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Giving Hope By Giving Goats

About Us

The Goat Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in 2019 under the principle of Cause Capitalism. Its aim is to give the vulnerable in various communities within Africa a means to earn sustainable income and become self-reliant, with its key focus being on vulnerable widows. Under Cause Capitalism, a for profit organization chooses a non-profit organization not as a gimmick, but as a true sustainable partner. The Goat Foundation is the sustainable partner of Financially Fit, LLC a for profit company offering financial literacy education through principle centered wealth.

Why us?

Our Vision

A world without poverty, hunger and injustice in which every widow enjoys the right to life with dignity.

Our Mission

To work in solidarity with the vulnerable and excluded widows in society and participate in their struggle to eradicate poverty, hunger and injustice.

Our goal

A just social order brought about by vulnerable widows claiming their right to dignity and identity through earning sustainable income and becoming self-reliant.


The Goat Foundation is what it is because of the passionate staff, friends and partners we have. We partner with several local administrations, churches and grassroot community-based organizations as well as women welfare groups that deal with issues of poverty eradication and food security among the vulnerable communities.

Throughout our execution, The Goat Foundation works with existing institutions who have essential knowledge and experience and enjoy the confidence of the poor and marginalized communities we target. The Foundation supports climate smart agriculture through the championing of goat farming, where vulnerable widows in arid and semi-arid areas get a pair of goats each with the aim of giving them an opportunity  to create wealth for themselves and attain self reliance.

The Goat Foundation